Tamissra by Mem Shaheb

Now we are going to begin the Tamissra story after she was surprised when she opened the paper got from the courier service…………. or


This is Tamissra book Part: 1 and Page: 6.
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Part No: 01 : Page No: 04

Rumi left because he had tuition. I took the box and went to my room. After reading the writing on the paper, I realized that it was sent by Antu. Suddenly, after so many days, I did not expect anything like this to happen. I started to open the box with great interest.
The box is neatly packed. Wrap with light aquamarine paper and place three dark blue paper flowers in one corner. As soon as I opened the box, I saw a few more small boxes. Wrap it in dark red wrapping paper. A note with things

Dear Tamissra,
I hope you are well. I don’t know how much you remember me in your busy corporate life. You’ve always wanted to run away from yourself. Are you still the same as before? Always hesitant? I thought a thousand times before sending you this box, you forbade me to communicate until you contact me. But I couldn’t stop myself from your tie. Forgive me. I did not have the courage to call directly so that’s why I choose this method. I really want to see you with my two eyes full. The desire is getting stronger day by day. Will I see you, please, if only I would consider myself blessed to have a bar? Please, Tamissra, if you waste a day from your precious busy life for an idiot like me. I will wait for you. I have kept all your words, please keep my word.

Part No: 01 : Page No: 05

Reading the note, I feel very guilty. Does it seem that I have done something very wrong with Antu? Again, it seems that I was right with me then. Then I think why I am still so hesitant. Oops, I am alone today because of this dilemma. Going to think more, I ruined everything. Well, am I really that selfish?
My acquaintance with Antur was sudden. Although Antu later told me that he already knew me a little but he saw me for the first time that day. When I think of the day, I still wonder what Antu saw that day that is still waiting for me.

I had a bad time then. How is everything? I became destitute. It was as if a storm had come and left me destitute with everything I had arranged. Often when I was upset I would sit by the river. I was sitting that day too. There were clouds in the sky, the strong wind was blowing and it was raining with the wind. The surrounding sky is slowly taking on a terribly beautiful look. The clouds were thundering too. A poetic environment. The mood is very bad.

It was as if the pain in the heart, the feeling of being bad, seemed to understand nature and that was what was blossoming. The clouds seemed to be weeping and weeping. I was soaking my feet in the water of the river and staring and waiting for the tears of the clouds. It is easy to hide tears in the rain. The rainwater began to fall profusely. Everyone else went under the umbrella of the tea shop. I don’t know how to get up from there. It seemed to me that this arrangement of nature for me. I was totally wet in the rain. Suddenly a boy came and said,

_Hay are you hearing

Part No: 01 : Page No: 06

_ Can you hear meme saheb?
_ (Looking back) Yes.
_ Is it your hobby to cause illness?
_ Why be a hobby? And who told you to think so much? Please don’t bother me, do your own thing.
_ I am doing my own work. Come on up.
_ Feels good here, you go.
_ I will go only with you.
_ Strange, who are you? (Angrily)
_ (Smiling face) I am Antu. You don’t know me, but I know you, not too much but I am trying.
_ What?
_ To know you.
_ Will you go or not ……. (very angry)
_ I will not take one foot forward without you.

I got up with Antu and sat in the tea shop that day with a lot of annoyance. Antu likes to talk a lot. He can easily mix with everyone, thinks like everyone is his own. He was with me all afternoon that day, with a lot of force. I noticed his strange rights on me that day. Seeing his rights over me, it seemed that we were old friends. We were both of the opposite nature. Antu is very fickle, agile, and I am very serious.

I am very afraid to mix with people. Life made me serious. And Antu lived in a beautiful fantasy world away from reality. And I’ve always wanted to confine myself to a boundary. Maybe that’s why I’m stuck in this. I do not know why. But Antu never gave up a single hair in her life to give me importance. It has always given me the highest importance. This is probably the rule of the world that the person who gives utmost importance to life will neglect you the most.

I know that I am a very poor-spirited girl. I’ve been hesitant all my life. But I know I may have been right somewhere. But I am surprised that Antu still remembers me so much.

I started to open the small boxes wrapped in red paper. I opened one and saw ……..

Next Part coming soon…..Tamissra Part 2.

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