How to Secure BlogSpot Website

A secure website is good for all the online things like payment, visiting, account creating, and it’s good for visitors to trust your site as much they can do another secure website. If you have a blogger website and you don’t know how to secure blogger website then you came right place.

What is the meaning of Not Secure:

Not secure website it a risk for visiors and owner both of side. Because if the owner of website that you visiting have bad minded or using some script to fined your location, address, bank details then you can’t do anything. Because you don’t know what they doing from their place. So secure blogger website is good for everyone who reading or writing in blogger.

Secure Blogger Website:

If the link to your Blogger site shows Connection Not Secure, then you can secure Blogger website easily. Today I will show you how you can easily make a Secure Connection to the Not Secure Connection of your Blogger Site. Let’s not talk anymore, let’s start today’s tune> How secure blogger website in Three easy steps.

  • 2. Now go down a little and see that HTTPS is written. Enable HTTPS redirect here.
  • 3. You’re done. Now open your Blogspot and see your Blogspot Connection Secure is showing.

In this way, you can redirect your blogger website HTTP to HTTPS.

I hope you find this post useful.

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