20-first Century Letter for him

At the present time, the letter has disappeared from our lives. We are now in the midst of all this with smartphones, the internet, phone calls, etc. But the previous times were not like this. There was more love between people when the man in love had to wait for hours to see a moment. Those were the days of writing letters. Those were the times to write a love letter for him / her of love and not to say with the mouth.

Below is a sample of it. A letter was written by the wife for the husband when a husband is away from his wife, family, children for work. Note: here the written character is fictional. letter for him.

My dear husband,

The sounds of the roaring waves of the sea sound like music to your ears today. I know very well that you read this letter late at night in the corridors of the ship, but now you are leaning on the roof, ignoring the mild winter to increase the beauty of this letter a thousand times by using the moonlight.

Your friends must be laughing at my letter. Maybe they think your wife is stingy. That’s why she sent letters into the 4G era in the twenty-first century. I know it’s childish, but my letter is a bridge to our life.

The bridge that made us one, we can’t forget the bridge because we have changed the road today in the evolution of time. So even after so many years of my life, I can’t let the lamp of my love go out. So I wrote the letter for you in my own hand, dear.

Your darling daughter is fine and sleeping next to me. She has smiles like yours, eyes like yours, noses like yours. When you call, she hears the story of your princess. Sometimes I get very angry, I think you are going aloof of me. You don’t have time for the queen anymore. All care, all passion surrounds the princess. So this letter to get you to me again.

I can’t say everything on the phone because you’re away. Again, some words are not said with emotion. Today I will tell you some unknown emotions that have been created in your separation. If I had been there, I would have been living with the external accounts of the world and there would have been quarrels all day long. I couldn’t feel you.

But when you are away, I find your touch in everything in your house. You don’t know that even the walls of your house are adorable to me at night, they even cry for you. You don’t know much, when you are away your love is in my belly, suddenly I wake up, from inside your princess calls me mother! Tell Dad I can move now, it’s been four months. The feeling of moving in the middle of the stomach gave new happiness to life. I touched our child with my hand to show that I am with you, you are not afraid.

Half an hour later she moved again, I was so happy. I wanted to tell you on the phone but I did not call again thinking that you will wake up.

On the next day, it’s morning to afternoon, she did not move! I was scared and started crying. When tears were in my eyes, she seemed to say to me, “Mom, why are you crying? Don’t cry, I was a little arrogant. This time my father will scold me. ” I wiped away the tears and said with a smile, I say Why are you arrogant? She nodded and said why I am not be angry! I can only feel the touch of your hand, why can’t I feel the touch of my father. I do not desire to get the caress of my father?

That’s when I realized. You and she will be united in the milk.

Hay Mr. don’t laugh too loudly. Your sirs will tell you again if you went crazy thinking about your wife! Sitting on the roof in the middle of the night, laughing out loud!
No need to reading more the letter. Now go to the room, and tell me how the letter went and what it feels like to read. I Love You Husband. (And, we miss you so much.)

Your Wife.

Hope these lines find you interesting. (latter for him part-2 coming soon)

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